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Hope and The Shocking Truth About Demonic Rape

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free….John 8:32.   The theme for this year is HOPE!  The following question was sent to me a few days ago.  She wanted me to include her name because she is far enough along on her Unintended Journey to be free of any […]

Yppee! Brave Miss World!

Yppee! Brave Miss World!

It has been a couple of years since I first went to a preview of this movie.  I am so glad it is now on Netflix.  I watched it the other night.  I have blogged on this movie before.  They changed the title from Miss World to Brave Miss World.  Her journey begins with the […]

Fabulous Question From a Website Follower

What a great question has come in.  I hope you all will benefit from a bit of discussion about it. “Please explain the difference between sexual violence (SV), sexual assault (SA) and sexual exploitation of girls without violence (and assault implies violence)? The victim of sexual exploitation is also dealing with the life-long ramifications of […]


Kudos to “The Kansas City Star.”  On their front page, and it takes up nearly the whole front page, is “The Alter Boys’ Secret.”  It was even the Sunday paper, December 4, 2011. “Four young lives, innocence lost.  One priest, later sent for treatment.  Decades of silence and secrets.  And finally, revelations as a 30-year […]

Continuing With “Rape is Rape”

This article “Rape is Rape” is so rich.  Stephanie Hallett  unpacks succinctly so much of what is left out of these traditional definitions.  I will just list what she includes: non-consenual sodomy non-consenual oral rape. object rape such as fingers, fists, and objects. all male survivors. people with physical or mental disabilities, unconscious, or under […]

Wow! MS. Magazine

No, I am not a reader of MS.  Though there are some good things about the ‘feminist movement,’ I do not support their approach.  I would rather see a ‘men’s movement’ to bring equality, build character and reduce violence to women.  Well, I just had that idea come to mind so it might be something to think about.  […]

‘I felt like I was the one on trial’

I just want you all to know that I am getting fabulous help for the website.  So, the story and article (Girl molested by uncle dreads seeing estranged family members in court by Mark Gomez, Mercury News, 8/21/10) I am going to blog about today is linked both here and on our Articles web […]

More on Ravaged

This post will continue where I left off August 8, 2010 on the first stage of Recovery, the Ravaged stage.  In my book I have the Four R’s; Ravaged, Reorganization, Resolution, and Redemption. Immediately after the attack I had run to the neighbors who were home sleeping during the day (they had night jobs).  I […]

OK, Signing Off on Drug Induced Rape For Now…

As I mentioned in the previous blog on Drug Induced Rape, this being the third one, I will finish it off with a story and commentary. Suzie was at a relative’s pool party.  A friend that had been invited was there with her brother, who was from out of state.  He slipped a Rohypnol into […]

All Right, Time To Continue Where I Left Off On Drug Induced Rape

More from the definition in the appendix of my book: In response to the abuse of Rohypnol and GHB, the drug Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act of 1996 was enacted into federal law, making it a crime to give someone a controlled substance without personal knowledge and with intent to commit a violent crime.  […]