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Yppee! Brave Miss World!

Yppee! Brave Miss World!

It has been a couple of years since I first went to a preview of this movie.  I am so glad it is now on Netflix.  I watched it the other night.  I have blogged on this movie before.  They changed the title from Miss World to Brave Miss World.  Her journey begins with the […]

A Little More on Numbers and Research

Hi all, we are in the middle of moving so hopefully electronics will be set up right away in the new house! There is so much more about research, and I will off another couple of  bites for you to ponder.  There is more in the book and lots more online. When people are asked […]

Oprah’s Historical Landmark Event

In his book The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer quotes a Chinese sage Lao-tze, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”  200 men; husbands, brothers, and sons all were featured on the Oprah show November 4,2010.  Bless her heart, Oprah has had the most courage of anyone I have seen to […]

Oprah’s Church

Yesterday I was listening to Chuck Swindoll while out running errands.  He is absolutely my favorite pastoral teacher.  I was stunned at what he said about the church of Oprah. He said it is currently the fastest growing church in America.   I had no idea an actual church existed.  I went on You-Tube today and listened […]

Oprah Winfrey Show October 21, 2004

The following stories are taken from Oprah’s website.  They are such an unnecessary travesty if we would just learn to break the Code of Silence and learn to become teachable about SV. “According to Pam, Cathy and Amy, their father, Ted Hendrix, a Methodist minister, sexually molested them almost daily for over a decade. They […]

Oprah Does it Again!

Bless her heart, the Oprah Show on May 26, 2010 again opened up stuff on sexual violence that we wish we could keep our heads in the ground about.  Denial feels good for a time, but the price is outrageous.  Literally.  Medical and social service costs are highly affected by keeping these secrets.  Oprah is […]

Let’s add Dr. Phil To The List!

Well, last night  April 14, 2010Dr. Phil also did a segment on sexual violence in the last part of his show.  The overarching topic of his show was domestic violence and the cultural disgrace of its Code of Silence.  Under that umbrella, he added the topic of incest.  He says he is going to do […]

Is Satan Real? Watch Oprah!

Yesterday at Bible study we started a new study by Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley’s son.  The title is Twisting The Truth.  In it he made this this statement when referring to satan (I just don’t like to dignify the name satan with a capitol letter), “He will not tip his hat to his existence.”  I […]

Our Culture of Silence Promotes the ‘Cancer’

I am likely to do many blogs on this topic.  I have a lot to say about this issue.  The word cancer strikes so much fear in our world, a diagnosis of which usually entails serious medical intervention, suffering, and maybe death.  Breast cancer seems to be on the news regularly, as well as movements to raise […]


Are there any Christians out there who can relate to any of the struggles Ted Haggard has faced in his attraction to the opposite sex?  If so, what have/are you doing about/with it (e.g. stuffing it, trying to get help, acting on them, etc.) ? Did you know he is a childhood sexual violence survivor?  Oprah […]