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A Very Brave Man

There is a man, a very brave man, and I will call him Ted.  He has a fine wife and five very fine children.  He is a wholehearted Christ follower, and he is a broken man with weaknesses.  He is also mature enough to face his brokenness and seek help. That is what makes him […]

4 Essentail Skills Needed To Love Those In Pain

Recently I was reminded of the story “Unbroken”, an amazing true story of Luis Zamperini who suffered enormously from Japanese captors during WWII, and after the end of the war sought to love and forgive his enemies.  But in sharp contrast to his Christlike overtures was his one particular Japanese enemy who because of shame, […]

One Vital Truth; We Need Relationships To Heal

One Vital Truth; We Need Relationships To Heal

Our God designed our brain to be formed and flourish with healthy relationships. It is a core of defining who we are and what we need throughout our lives.  Once I treated a little girl who had been incested by an uncle.  She was blessed by the unusual circumstance of having a mom who believed […]