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Get The 19 Brain Skills That Will Change Your Life

Get The 19 Brain Skills That Will Change Your Life

It was all so sudden. He had the barrel of a gun pressed into the side of my head. He made me lie face down on the floor of our master bedroom. He demanded to know when others in the household were due to be back. Frantically I raced in my mind to think of […]

One Lie That Seems Comfortable to Believe; Time Heals All Wounds

One Lie That Seems  Comfortable to Believe; Time Heals All Wounds

I really believe in the 4 R’s of recovery of sexual assault.  I have lived and am living on this Unintended Journey.  I have worked with hundreds of clients.  I have extrapolated the sequence of this Unintended Journey through the above as well as being trained.  When I was an intern, I had a supervisor […]

What A Rubik’s Cube Can Teach You About Your Brain

Ever tried to complete what is to me the mystifying Rubik’s Cube?  I keep reorganizing it and reorganizing it until I finally give up.  I watched a very special 10 year old try a small one recently.  She is very smart, and eventually she gave up too! Our Brains are the most amazing creations! I […]


After the Ravaged Stage, which typically lasts 3-6 months, just like  our  smart God-created brains go right to work to heal a bruise or a cut, so the brain tries to heal itself of the trauma it has experienced.  Sometimes we end up in what I call Academy Award Winning Recovery. Forces within and without […]

Is There Empirical Evidence Of Healing?

Is There Empirical Evidence Of Healing?

What evidence might be had that a brain is healed from sexual assault?  I have a story. I went to a psychologist a few years ago for Neuro-feedback to find out if it would help relieve a pain condition I suffer from.  He became extremely puzzled when he was taking some history.  When I talked […]

How To Overcome The Enemy

The following is a true story sent to me by a long ago former client.  It is used with her consent and I have changed her name. Hi, my name is ‘Suzie’, and I am a grateful child of God. When I was eight, my grandma died, and I no longer had any kind, loving […]

The Second Aftershock…

The Second Aftershock…

I jumped out of a plane two weeks ago.  I did it with no fear.  The most amazing thing was how peaceful and beautiful it was.  Working through these stages increases peace and enjoyment.  They are essential. I entered this second part of Ravaged (Anger and depression) with a vengeance.  I remained stuck in this […]

The First Aftershock…

The First  Aftershock…

I often wondered immediately after my own rape, Did this really happen?  I feel fine.  This can’t be happening to me! Everything and everyone seemed surreal for awhile.  I could not be left alone for the first two weeks after the rape.  In fact, I do not recall anything about my children-talking to them or […]

The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

Did any of you do these as a kid?  I remember doing them and really having fun with it. Time will not heal all wounds, especially violations of the brain, heart and soul.  Sexual violations are unique because they invade sacred places within us.  It is amazing to me that people believe time alone can […]

One Little Known Fact April

Oh, happy day!  I was able to take a great wildflower hike last Monday with friends.  There is such glory for me as I marvel in God’s beautiful colors, and how the seeds spread to produce more, as well as the joy of relationship with friends. “Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is an annual campaign […]