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Yppee! Brave Miss World!

Yppee! Brave Miss World!

1998 Miss World Linor Abargil PhotoIt has been a couple of years since I first went to a preview of this movie.  I am so glad it is now on Netflix.  I watched it the other night.  I have blogged on this movie before.  They changed the title from Miss World to Brave Miss World.  Her journey begins with the Redemption stage believe it or not.  I write in my book about the four stages not being linear but circular.  She does a lot of good.  She has influence as a celebrity.  Then she hits the wall so to speak and faces her own unhealed wound, and she knows it.

I hope you will watch this movie.  She is still on her Unintended Journey of course.  If you do, I ask you to give her a lot of grace.  Her moral standards are not what we might like, so I hope you will avoid the temptation to judge.  Yet who are we to judge anyone?

She herself plays the part.  You might be surprised by where her journey has taken her so far.  The rape occurred when she was 18, seven weeks before this contest.  She is now in her mid to late 30’s.

For many survivors, the 40’s and 50’s are a more common time to ‘hit the wall.’ Uniqueness is always a key to accepting how one  journey is different than any other though.

Joan Collins is one of the celebrities she interviews.  You might be shocked by Joan’s thinking and what she did when she was raped.  Yet, that kind of thinking is still around.

Linor’s statistics on Africa rape rates match my research in the book completely, as does what she finds on U.S. college campuses.

Though many of the stories they feature involve the more physically brutal cuts and bruises, please remember these are the exception.



        Worldwide Television Premiere of

TUNE IN MAY 29th on Netflix!

Dear Friends and Supporters of Brave Miss World,

BRAVE MISS WORLD IS GOING WIDE! Netflix has acquired the film to stream as an Exclusive, beginning May 29th! Though Netflix we’re achieving our goal of sharing Brave Miss World with audiences around the globe, in the U.S.A., Canada, across Central and South America, the United Kingdom, Benelux, and Northern Europe. Earlier this year the film aired on Israel’s Channel 2, and we will also be broadcasting on RSI Switzerland. Stay tuned for more to come.

Our momentum continues on college campuses! In the past 18 months, through our #IAmBrave educational screening series, Brave Miss World has screened on more than 40 campuses, in 45 community and cultural centers, and in more than 30 film festivals. Linor and the filmmakers have been attending many screenings, in person and via Skype. Track the reach and social impact of the campaign on our Sparkwise Board.

Please join the growing community of Brave Miss World!

Watch the Film: For Netflix members: now’s the time to add Brave Miss World to your cue! If you’re not a member, sign up today to view the film and share the experience of watching it at home. Once you do, we’d love to hear your feedback on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and on our website.

Live Tweet: To celebrate our Netflix release, on May 29th we will be hosting a Live Tweet with the Brave Miss World filmmakers. Stream the film alongside us then, and join the conversation via Twitter by following @BraveMissWorld. All those who participate in the Live Tweet using the #IAmBrave hashtag will be entered in a drawing to win one of our beautiful #IAmBrave T-shirts.

Create 100 New Testimonials: Please help us gather 100 new testimonials for the website in the month of June, following the Netflix release. To give hope and inspiration to others, share your story as a survivor or support system to a survivor, on our Share Your Story page.

Take the Global Journey With Us: Linor’s transformative journey of hope and healing is affecting audiences globally. The film premiered in India at the Mumbai Film Festival to cheering audiences. We screened across South Africa in 13 theaters in one night. Our recent Paris premiere was hosted by the Kering Foundation. Next, we’ll travel to Switzerland, the Slovak Republic and Hong Kong. Follow our Screenings page to keep up to date as Linor’s story takes the world by storm.

Join Us on College Campuses: Our #IAmBrave Educational Screening Series is expanding into Fall 2014. We’re inspired by the new White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault! We’ve screened on many of the campuses under Federal investigation for failing to protect victims of rape and assault. We just showed the film at UCSB, where courageous student activism has prompted renewed efforts to provide resources for survivors of campus assaults.

Help Us Reach High Schools: This fall, the #IAmBrave Screening Series will bring the film to high schools nationwide. If there’s a high school near you that would benefit from such a screening, please let us know at

Support the Film: Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help us expand our #IAmBrave Educational Screenings Campaign to more schools, rape crisis centers and community groups around the world.


  1. Patricia McIntyre says

    Thanks for posting about this movie. I watched it tonight and found it to be very powerful, moving and it made me full of emotion for all survivors. I went to the movie’s website and shared my story. It is so important to share your story, it is in the telling that healing begins. So, to all the survivors, tell your story to someone, a trusted friend or a therapist. Just take the brave step and share. At the beginning it is a scary thing to do, but you will find healing when you do!

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