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Wow! MS. Magazine

No, I am not a reader of MS.  Though there are some good things about the ‘feminist movement,’ I do not support their approach.  I would rather see a ‘men’s movement’ to bring equality, build character and reduce violence to women.  Well, I just had that idea come to mind so it might be something to think about.  There are some men’s groups out there like that. 

Anyway, I have to applaud MS. highly for thier work regarding sexual violence.  A friend brought to my attention an article that is in their spring 2011 magazine.  Rape is Rape.  There is so much here, that I hardly know where to start.  I will be doing at least a couple of blogs on what is in this article. 

I absolutely agree with their position that the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is so pathetically limited.  Since 1929 their definition has been “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.”

Yes, that does count for a few rapes.  As I have in my upcoming book, there are many, many types of sexual violence.  The article mentions a few.  They call anal rape ‘non-consensual sodomy,’ and oral rape, ‘oral sex.’  Just like Andrew Vaschss, please MS. editors, even your language reflects confusion when you are trying to hard to call rape rape.  Nevertheless, they are addressing the concept.  Certainly, the FBI definition leaves out not only the above but rape with fingers, objects, and fists.  Also, it leaves out all male survivors, people with physical and mental disabilities, and those who have been given rape drugs or are under the influence of other drugs or alcohol.  I have written fairly extensively about these kinds of survivors.  It seems hard for some people to imagine that sexual violence can happen without obvious force. 

“The UCR definition…..thus omits a large number or rapes–which then impacts the investigation and prosecution of rapists.  Some studies have shown that 90 to 95 % of rapes are committed by serial rapists.  if those serial predators are not prosecuted, they’re free to rape again and again.” (“Rape is Rape,’ by Stephanie Hallett, Ms.Magazine, spring 2011)

Ms. is supporting a change is the definition of rape.  Hallelulia.  A change might lead to better law enforcement and reduce, hopefully, dramatically the incidence of sexual violence.  Rape is only one part of the total definition of sexual violence.  All kind of molestations do the same damage to the survivor, and that fact is really not being adequately addressed. 

Read carefully the following quote from the article: “A modern definition would include sex of all kinds without consent.”  Once again, sex without consent is an oxymoron.  Sex is only, only possible with 2 consenting adults.  The above would be better said:” A new definition would include sexual violence of all kinds regardless of age, gender and color.”  And they are so right, it would include, once again, the disabled, unconscious, and intoxicated. 

Well, I have only touched on this fabulous article.  More later…

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