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What is Rape?

This title is printed in red on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News.  The rest of the title accurately describes our culture.  We are in an era of sexualized popular culture.  With such social media available 24/7 is any wonder our kids have trouble figuring out what rape is?  In huge highlighted headlines is listed exactly the kinds of things discussed in my book.

  • She never said no
  • I was drunk
  • She dresses like a slut
  • It’s my fault
  • no one cares
  • my life is ruined

It is amazing how many school districts are aware of the problems.  Here is one oh so common story:  “We live in a sexualized culture that blames the victim” says one survivor who is a 21 one year old rape survivor and a senior in college.  “When she was 14, a friend’s friend raped her at a party, after someone put a drug in her drink, she said.”  And this is the clincher. “There’s not one day that I do not think about it.”  But if she mentioned it rape, people ask, ” Were you drinking?” and “Are you sure you said no loud enough?”  Amazingly ignorant statements.  “a high school teacher…told her to just get over it, that rape is a part of life”  What?

All of the above is evidence of the rape based culture we live in and the lack of understanding of what the survivors suffer, and will unless they get help.  All in my book and on the front page of the newspaper.  Wait, there is hope though….

In Palo Alto CA the school’s high school newspaper has begun to frankly discuss student’s attitudes about rape and sexual assault.  In Verde, Palo Alto high school volume 14 edition 5 ‘Rape Culture’ appears on the front cover and lists the following topics inside:

  • You can’t tell me I wasn’t raped (p.15)
  • Breaking the Silence (p.22)
  • Taking it Seriously (24)

Yipee!  A ray of sunlight into the darkness.  Wow!  I am blown away by what this school is doing and so hope it will be a magnet for the the whole country.  Imagine life without this evil. Believe me, the survivors suffer greatly though they can get help and heal their brains if they choose.  Just as importantly, the ramifications of moving toward a rape free culture are huge.  By the way, there actually are some rape free cultures.  I also have stories about such greatness in my book.   Let Truth reign.


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