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What Emmy Nominated “Brave Miss World” Can Teach Us About The Unintended Journey

“Our own suffering that we have not dealt with is often aroused when we get involved with other people’s suffering.”  Tao J.van der Weele

This movie is one I so encourage you to see.  Not only is Linor a celebrity but her movie reveals other celebrities that are telling their stories.  I have been mentioning the movie  over the last couple of years.  If you can ignore some of the language, that is, not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ so to speak, it demonstrates the principal of one person’s Unintended Journey very well.  It is a common journey for survivors, and can really be an encouragement for them, friends and family.

When we face our own pain, what will be our choices?  Will we remain stuck in our depression, addictions, bitterness, anger, relationship problems, or whatever else that may be plaguing our lives due to ‘brain lesions’ received when we were violated?  Will we risk talking to someone?  As the last story posted said, some people were safe for her and some weren’t.  She learned quickly who the safe ones were and stuck with them.  I write a lot about this issue in my book, Redeem The Silence: An Unintended Journey.  Discernment can be learned and developed.  I will have another story coming up of someone who was scared to death to talk about what she did, and where she is now.  This is the Unintended Journey.  Former Miss World of Israel, Linor Abargil, got on this Recovery Road in a way many survivors do.  She is still on it.  I hope you will be able to understand her journey process throughout the film.  At the beginning she ‘has it all together’ or so it seems.  I trust you will notice her transitions on her journey, many of them outwardly apparent.

Tao, who wrote the above quote,  is a prolific writer on developing a theology of suffering and is highly effective in working with abuse survivors.  He lives in Austria now.  He is a strong believer.



Brave Miss World Team

Brave Miss World is nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award! The nomination, in the category of Exceptional Merit for Documentary Filmmaking, has generated thousands of trailer views and social media shares of articles about the documentary. A piece highlighted the social impact the film is making: “the film goes beyond the screen to empower victims of sexual violence to speak up through its website, in community screenings and on social media.” The winner of the Emmy Award in our category will be announced on August 16th. Keep your fingers crossed!

On May 29th, Netflix launched Brave Miss World
in the U.S. and Canada, Latin America, and across Europe, with
subtitles in 9 different languages. Streaming exclusively on Netflix,
the film is finding new audiences around the globe who are moved to act
and speak out. Please read some of the viewers’ reviews at the bottom of
this newsletter. We hoped to post 100 new survivor testimonials on our
website in the first month of streaming, and the response far exceeded
our expectations – over 250 stories were submitted. Survivors of rape
and assault globally are using
as a safe place to share their experiences, connect with each other,
and find resources. We’ve also doubled our social media following and
have added a BMW – France page. The website now has over 300,000 visitors. If you haven’t seen the film, please consider subscribing to Netflix. First month is free!

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