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What About the Children?

At the risk of of over commenting here on this Sandusky thing,  I just was so struck by an article “Sandusky investigation turns up emails” by Mike Dawson, McClatchy Newspapers, that I will not just let it go.  The article describes how three Penn State officials were emailing about the incident where Sandusky was seen showering and molesting a young boy.  CNN reported email exchanges between Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier.  They date back to 2001, 11 years ago now!  But what strikes me, is how all they do is discuss Sandusky and what to do about him.  He was referred to as “the subject or the “person.”  While a lot of discussion takes place, like contacting The Second Mile and the Department of Public Welfare, they just go on and on with discussions.  They go into getting professional help for Sandusky.  Did they even discuss calling the police?  Then, the article ends with the following quote from Spanier:

“The only downside for us is if the message isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it.  but that can be assessed down the road.”  Excuse me, but how many children down the road will you go?  If the message isn’t ‘heard’ by who?  Isn’t it being heard by you?

I feel so very, very angry as I read all this again.  Who, who I ask are the really really important people here?  Sandusky?  Curley? Joe Paterno? Schultz? Spanier?  One would think so in this discussion about “the subject.”

It is the children who matter.  Only the children.  No one’s job, image, team, university or anything can even come close.  The 11 year old who was in the shower needed protected and professional help.  And now, all these years of continued shattered little lives.  Does Sandusky need help too?  Of course, and I hope he gets it behind bars.  But, I ask you, do these other four men need help too?  I say yes, and behind bars too.

What were they thinking?  Obviously a value system is exposed that says this football team, our jobs, our image, is what matters.  No one even mentions that a child getting raped needs immediate intervention.  The fallout does not matter in the least.  Just the child.  It is our individual responsibility as well as our collective responsibility to protect and help the children.

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