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Well, Some Education For Me….A Law and Order Follow-Up

A Law and Order Follow up…Thought it Might be Smart to Watch a Few Episodes…

When I was watching the Katie Couric Show with the Law and Order (regarding the special Victims Unit) I took some notes.  I want to emphasize the things that were discussed that were awesome:

  • Proper education on the topic of sexual violence can definitely change the way we think and live with respect to survivors. I have written about how just a little education can do wonders to promote change.  I would love it if especially our faith communities took the lead on this topic.
  • Huge logs of rape kits across the country have simply been stored away.  Lack of processing these kits keeps serial rapist free to continue.  I have written about this problem.
  • If I understood correctly, Mariska’s husband is one of the writers for the show.  He along with some other men were emphatic about the truth that only one person is responsible for the rape (or other forms of sexual violence,SV.)  It is the perpetrator only.  We must stop blaming the survivor regardless of the circumstances.  It is a decision that he (can be a she) has made to do, a choice to do something he really does know is wrong.  Blaming can be very subtle.
  • Troy Vincent, a professional football player was interviewed.  He talked about how rape is part of domestic violence.  He is a survivor of both.  The link between the two is usually not understood.
  • This show is for entertainment but is meant to invite change…an invitation to men to get educated.

The above are great and I could hardly believe that it was like listening to my own book and the discussions I give.  Really awesome, I must say.  I do have a caution however.  The show depicts survivors who have severe physical damage done to them.  I want to caution the public to avoid getting wrong idea.  Such physical evidence is the exception and is rare, compared to the vast amount of SV taking place in our world.  It may well be what the New York unit mainly deals with, I do not know.  Perpetrators are generally smart enough not to leave such evidence of an attack.  It makes the survivor’s claim less believable.  There is all too common a public perception that someone has not really been attacked if we do not see such physical evidence which I want to emphasize is absolutely not true.

Also, there is some editing on the first Law and Order blog that may be of interest to you plus a link to the Katie Couric Show.



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