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Warning: Two Common Hope Mistakes

Hello all,

What a week!  Our flooring is being installed for a third time in one year and five months.  The hope to find in this complicated story is that it is almost done!  Yay!

What I see as a ‘hidden hope’ many do not realize can be found in a story in last Sunday’s newspaper.  It is about a teacher who gets three years in student ‘sex’ cases.  As many of you know, it is not sex.  Sex can only occur between 2 consenting adults.  We throw that word around because of an unnecessary reaction to the words rape, sexual assault, etc.

Anyway, this woman was once a Riverside County (CA) high school teacher.  According to the article she admitted to having ‘sex’ with five male students.  She has been sentenced to only three years in state prison.  Her name is Michelle Hansen, who taught at Centennial High in Corona, CA.  She could have faced up to 13 years in prison and having pleaded guilty to seven felony counts including statutory rape and unlawful oral copulation with a minor, her sentenced was probably reduced.

One of the mothers called the sentence a ‘slap on the wrist.’  There were five boys under age 18 who were abused on school grounds, in a car, and at the home of one of the teens.

How can there be hope in such a situation you might ask?  The hope is two faceted.  One, the teacher has the best hope of getting help by getting caught and sentenced.  The article described her as weeping and repentant.  Was it an act or real?  Only she and God know.  I have prayed for her that she will get help for whatever damage was done to her to have created a predator instead of a safe teacher.

The boys have the best hope if they get qualified help, are believed, listened to, and supported by family, friends and their community.  It sounds as though at least one mother is supportive.  I also pray that these young men will receive the above.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.Edmund Burke




  1. I appreciate your perspective concerning this issue. There has to be a hope that a person who is involved in this type of behavior can get the help that they need to be restored. Getting Caught was an act of grace! The issue that is the sticking point fort me is the double-standard that society will get angry at this behavior but laugh when a football coach inappropriate makes a sexual innuendo to a female student. I appreciated your article.

  2. Thank you Al. I appreciate your comment.

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