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Tip #9

In my book Redeem The Silence; an Unintended JourneyI have several safety tips for different ways of protecting ourselves from sexual violence.  The following is tip #9.

When police arrested a high school coach on suspicion of the rape of a 14-year-old girl he lured though, the girl believed she’d been corresponding with a female model.  The woman suggested the girl contact her agent, offering his cell number.  The suspect lured the girl to a parking lot and then drove her to a residence under the pretense of signing papers.  Once in the home, he forcibly raped the girl.  Later, by coincidence, she saw him at a public event and learned he was the boyfriend of an acquaintance.  She reported it to police. 

  • Monitor the way your children use the Internet.  Get the latest safety software.  Do not allow the computer to be in the bedroom.  Open use of the computer where the rest of the family is reduces the risk.  Educate your children about the dangers.  The above is only one of many similar stories. 
  • Speak frankly about sexual predators and other criminals who use the Internet to find victims of all sorts.
  • Maintian a healthy respect for the diabolical creativity of predators. 
  • The latest safety nets and protective software can be found at  I have checked this site and seems like they do a good job of rating the effectiveness of what is out there. 
  • Educate, protect, and hold accountable your children for safe use of online resources.  Include them in a family meeting of just how all of you together can do this. 

These are just a few ideas.  Perhaps many of you out there can add to this list.

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