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The Women

I am currently reading The Women, a book by T.C. Boyle.  My bookclub chose it.  It is a book about the women in Frank Lloyd Wright’s life.

At one point in his life, he was arrested along with his mistress and two children.  It was an especially terrifying experience for the children.  When they had been taken to jail the children were being taken into protective custody.  He author describes the mother’s thoughts for them as follows:

“They’ll be all right,” the woman kept telling her, “I’ll be with them myself all night and I’m sure You’ll be out by tomorrow, all of you,” but they wouldn’t be all right, they’d never be all right, never again.  How could they be? They’d been terrorized, brutalized, torn out of bed by strangers and locked away by strangers beyond any reason or justification that even an adult could understand.” ( page 133)

They would never be alright, how could they be?  Brutalized beyond what even an adult could understand.  This is what happens when children are sexually violated in any way.  Us adults need to be educated about the damage done to our children so we can best help them and learn to protect them.   Us adults need to be educated about the damage sexual violence does so we can best love adult survivors who have not yet been on an Intentional Journey of recovery so they can heal that indescribable brutalization. 

Are we willing to become so educated?

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