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The Great True Story of a Survivor’s Journey

The Great True Story of a Survivor’s Journey


The courageous woman  was recently asked to speak to a large group about her story.  Just like Cory’s story posted awhile back, it is an encouragement for all survivors and those that love them.  She was a guest on Beyond Abuse blog-talk radio July 25 and can be listened to on that site.  She is amazing and she extrapolated the following from her speech for this post.

“Bandages…We all use bandages to stop our wounds from bleeding, sometimes our wounds are literally bleeding and sometimes they are figuratively bleeding. My wounds were figurative but were painful nonetheless, caused because I was sexually abused as a child and as a teenager, a rape survivor. My wounds caused me great pain psychologically. I felt responsible for the sexual abuse; even though I was only 5 at the time,  he convinced me I wanted him to do those things to me and when I was raped, I was drunk, so it had to be my fault, right? Wrong! It is never the survivors fault; it is always the perpetrator who is responsible. I used many types of bandages to stop my bleeding. Alcohol, pornography and sugar were my bandages of choice. The problems with these types of bandages are that we do not understand that they are bandages. We think they are helping us to cope or that they are just a normal part of life. But I can tell you from my life experiences that these types of bandages need to be removed in order for healing to take place from sexual violence of any type. For me the healing process started with telling someone what had happened to me. I told my story to my pastor, then to several therapists that specialize in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and worked with them on healing my wounds. Telling safe people what happened is a very scary thing but it is necessary and the first step in healing. Today I am proud to say that I have successfully removed most of my bandages and am alcohol and pornography free. I have just started working on removing the bandage of sugar and I know that with God’s help, I will be free of that and be bandage free. Another step in the healing process is giving back to the community. I am a small group leader at Celebrate Recovery (a Christian based 12 step program) in the sexual abuse survivor’s small group. What a blessing it is to be a part in the process of helping one another in our healing.  So, from one survivor to another, I want to encourage you to start your healing by telling another person what has happened to you. It may be a trusted friend or a pastor or a therapist, whoever it is, please reach out and use your voice and help remove your bandages and start the healing process.”

The Beyond Abuse Bog-Talk radio show on the 25th was such a success that even more doors have opened for her to speak out about her Unintended Journey.  I believe she is primarily in the Resolution stage of recovery, moving into Redemption.  We must always remember recovery is not a straight linear line, but one that circles backwards at times, while still moving forward on that journey.

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