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The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

Free connect the dots printables for kids

Did any of you do these as a kid?  I remember doing them and really having fun with it.

Time will not heal all wounds, especially violations of the brain, heart and soul.  Sexual violations are unique because they invade sacred places within us.  It is amazing to me that people believe time alone can heal all wounds.  It is a lie. If we connect the dots of today in our lives we can find a hidden picture.

The following chart can help survivors, their friends, families, and communities to connect the dots of current problems to whatever type of sexual violation may have experienced.  I have a friend in her 60’s who just realized that what she experienced as a child was molestation. Someone (adult) came into her room one night and ‘caressed’ her.  Another woman was medicated, said no to her husband, he tied her to the bedposts and raped her.  Neither thought of it as a violation, and in fact as nothing important at all.  This scenario and perception is all too common.  Lies we believe and being unaware can bring destruction.

While the following chart covers the most common symptoms nothing can cover all symptoms as we are all uniquely made and there is no formula for healing. Awareness is a first step on that journey.


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