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How Safe Is Your Child’s Teacher? “Kristen’s Secret”…48 Hours

How Safe Is Your Child’s Teacher?  “Kristen’s Secret”…48 Hours

  I love being outside; hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, and walking with friends.  I want to parachute.  I want to backpack.  I don’t like Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff.  My intuitive therapist brain just doesn’t connect with all that, or even have a clue how computers work.  The younger generations have grown […]

More on The First Stage of Recovery, Ravaged

It has been awhile since doing this.  I see I left off on Sept. 28.  We spent a good part of the month of Oct. on vacation, so now it back to work! I left off with the following statement:  I’ve found that staying in the status-quo of the walking wounded is much more common […]

More on Ravaged

This post will continue where I left off August 8, 2010 on the first stage of Recovery, the Ravaged stage.  In my book I have the Four R’s; Ravaged, Reorganization, Resolution, and Redemption. Immediately after the attack I had run to the neighbors who were home sleeping during the day (they had night jobs).  I […]