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Todd’s Story

Todd entitles the chapter in the book where he describes some of the abuse as “Everything Changes.”  And so it did.  Once Ronald was driving Todd home from a session of autograph signings.  His car was a big Cadillac.   It had long bench seats.  The two of them were sitting kind of close to each […]

More From Different Strokes

The following excerpts are from his book that describe Ronald’s manipulations: “He was handsome and a great dresser…very charismatic and he charmed everyone….We were excited to have him take an interest in me….He spent a lot of time with my family and me….just hanging out at the house….felt good to be around him.  He was […]

ToddBridges–Different Strokes

I went to fold towels the other day and turned on the TV for while I was doing it.  The Wendy show came on.  I had never heard of her before.  Todd Bridges was being interviewed.  Many of you probably remember the television show Different Strokes.  Todd Bridges was one of the child stars in that show.  […]