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Rape Kits–Thank you God

I have mentioned rape-kits in a previous blog.  It is so great that these exist.  The advent of DNA has been used to free innocent people, and its use for prosecuting rapists and pedophiles is so hopeful.  Though many cities are lagging behind or resisting doing the testing, I can  see a trend starting. Amanda […]

Continuing With “Rape is Rape”

This article “Rape is Rape” is so rich.  Stephanie Hallett  unpacks succinctly so much of what is left out of these traditional definitions.  I will just list what she includes: non-consenual sodomy non-consenual oral rape. object rape such as fingers, fists, and objects. all male survivors. people with physical or mental disabilities, unconscious, or under […]

Let’s Invite Change

There are several places in the Bible where we are admonished to not be conformed to this world.  My favorite is James 1:27…”and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  What better way can we do this but to be willing to change our attitudes when they are not in alignment with the […]

Wow! MS. Magazine

No, I am not a reader of MS.  Though there are some good things about the ‘feminist movement,’ I do not support their approach.  I would rather see a ‘men’s movement’ to bring equality, build character and reduce violence to women.  Well, I just had that idea come to mind so it might be something to think about.  […]