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Courage House

Courage House is an organization that is really quite remarkable.  They are rescuing children out of being prostituted for their basic needs, such as food, a bed, shelter, etc.  We give to them so I get emails and I liked this one because of what they are discovering.  Meeting physical needs and providing safety and […]

OK! It is Both Here and it is Coming!

Yes, a pre-release copy of my book is here and will be made available to you for free through the month of April.  Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey  is both here now and coming. You may receive a free, electronic draft by emailing me through the website at  It is currently available to […]

My Kitchen

Why my kitchen? Some of you out there can probably relate to this story.  Our kitchen has been under remodel for over a year.  It all started with just a counter-top replacement.  Well, the job was so badly done, we have had to go through all kinds of hoops to get it replaced, and then […]

The Four R’s

Soon you will be seeing some stories of survivors come up on this blog.  You will also soon be seeing some positive changes to the website.  I am looking forward to these things. Intermittently among these stories I will be writing about the four R’s of recovery for all survivors, no matter what the age.  […]

Child Pornography….the Second Type of Rape

Continuing from the appendix in my book Redeem The Silence; an Unintended Journey, the second type of rape I have identified is child pornography. Statistics: Child advocacy groups estimate that 2 million children worldwide are working the sex trade .” (If you refer back to a previous blog post I write about the confusion our […]

Types of Sexual Violence

It occurs to me that the different types of SV that I have written about in my book are going to take several blogs.  When I am done with them, I plan on doing some more about the ‘SV brain cancer.’  There may be other types I have missed, so, please feel free to add […]