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The Second Aftershock…

The Second Aftershock…

I jumped out of a plane two weeks ago.  I did it with no fear.  The most amazing thing was how peaceful and beautiful it was.  Working through these stages increases peace and enjoyment.  They are essential. I entered this second part of Ravaged (Anger and depression) with a vengeance.  I remained stuck in this […]

How To Have Healing and Ongoing Hope

HOPE.  There wasn’t any for me or so I thought.  I was raped September 22, 1982.  It was mid-morning, in my home, on my bed.  My mind raced to make sense out of the seemingly impossible.  Was this some kind of a bad practical joke?  Had my brother-in law gotten off of work to pull […]

More on That Question!

In a movie “A Woman In Berlin,” the Russians were invading Berlin in 1945.  Rape was rampant.  When the commanding officer was approached about putting a stop to it his response was something like this “…for 10 minutes what can it matter?” Such ignorance.  Let me tell you a bit about why it matters.  No […]

Ravaged Continued

Today I will continue what I have written on Ravaged. I was unable to make even the smallest decision, but was the quintessential homemaker.  Getting myself and the household back on schedule, I began cleaning, a pattern quite common for many survivors.  I could not think about eating, however, nor was I concerned about my […]

More on Ravaged

This post will continue where I left off August 8, 2010 on the first stage of Recovery, the Ravaged stage.  In my book I have the Four R’s; Ravaged, Reorganization, Resolution, and Redemption. Immediately after the attack I had run to the neighbors who were home sleeping during the day (they had night jobs).  I […]

Healing and Hope

I will be doing several blogs, over a period of time, about the Unintended Journey we survivors need to take to heal ourselves.  I describe the stages of recovery as the Four R’s.   The first stage is Ravaged.  Shock and anger characterize this stage.  The following is from my book Redeem The Silence; an Unintended […]