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One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

Great joy for all of you who had the great blessing of sharing the holidays with friends and family.  I had some fun time with both and I count it all joy! The new year brings in some encouraging news for survivors and their families. The opinion page of the Sacramento Bee says Bill Cosby’s […]

Rape Kits

Comment: “labs,  etc., etc.  Of course this all comes back to us  the voting public  doesn’t it?  If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful  justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates […]

Rape Kits–Thank you God

I have mentioned rape-kits in a previous blog.  It is so great that these exist.  The advent of DNA has been used to free innocent people, and its use for prosecuting rapists and pedophiles is so hopeful.  Though many cities are lagging behind or resisting doing the testing, I can  see a trend starting. Amanda […]