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Westpoint-Rape Based Culture:the lies we believe.

The following quote by The Miss Representation Team cannot be said more adequately about what I hope and pray will bring about change in the lies men believe that can excuse themselves from viewing women as objects instead of people.  As I write about in my book and on this blog, we live in a […]

Banish Negative Beliefs

The above subtitle is from my book, Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey.…soon to be available through my website as an e-book and hard copies will be available also.  Hopefully this will be happening within the next 2 weeks, as April is Sexual Violence Awareness month, represented by wearing jeans to work.  It may actually […]

Excuse Me?

Continuing on Child Pornography in the appendix of my book Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey…… How can any child be a prostitute?  They may get prostituted, but they are not prostitutes. Andrew Vachss also writes, “The word ‘prostitue’ itself implies a judgement of character.  Don’t we call people who sell out their moral convictions […]