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One Outrage Is Spurring Hope

One Outrage Is Spurring Hope

After I was raped I lived in PTSD for months with the rapist as my backyard neighbor.  He was out on $250,000 bail in 1982, a huge sum then.  It took months for a conviction and sentencing; not for my case, but the one he was out on bail for.  I went to his sentencing.  […]

Rape Kits

Comment: “labs,  etc., etc.  Of course this all comes back to us  the voting public  doesn’t it?  If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful  justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates […]


I am sure survivors around the world are cheering at the justice Penn State is facing.  Justice is a rare commodity for us survivors.  The following is the latest: “July 24, 2012 12:45 PM News Summary: Moody’s may downgrade Penn State THE REVIEW: Moody’s Investors Service said Tuesday it is reviewing its rating on Penn […]