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I am sure survivors around the world are cheering at the justice Penn State is facing.  Justice is a rare commodity for us survivors.  The following is the latest: “July 24, 2012 12:45 PM News Summary: Moody’s may downgrade Penn State THE REVIEW: Moody’s Investors Service said Tuesday it is reviewing its rating on Penn […]

What About the Children?

At the risk of of over commenting here on this Sandusky thing,  I just was so struck by an article “Sandusky investigation turns up emails” by Mike Dawson, McClatchy Newspapers, that I will not just let it go.  The article describes how three Penn State officials were emailing about the incident where Sandusky was seen […]

Catching Up

Hello all, we just returned from a nice trip visiting some of our country’s (USA) national parks, landmarks, and even getting to stay in a national historic hotel.  We went through the Oregon caves.  So fascinating.  We wanted to do the 3 hour off trail caving experience but were too early in the year. Back […]


What is it about us?  Why do we allow the sacrifice of our children?  What is our resistance to saving and protecting our children?  It is a sacred obligation that we as a people have an obligation to do.  What is wrong with our value system that we fail so miserable to do so? Is […]

She says it like it is…Christiane Amanpour

November 20, 2011 on ABC This Week  Christiane Amanpour was a delightful surprise.  I was enjoying a mug of hot coffee and reading the Sunday paper.  While my husband watches this show regularly, I have never done so.  All of the sudden I hear this woman say the true and right words for what Jerry […]