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It’s No Surprise Right? And Here Is An Example Of What Is Happening Around The World

International Justice Mission is great.   I wanted to get this out sooner but so much is coming in to post that I forgot I even had this one as a draft.  So, a bit outdated, and yet not, at the same time.   These needs are all over the world, and IJM is constantly working like […]

An Amazing Story

Happy Tuesday to you all!  If you do not know about International Justice Mission, now is the time.  They are very savvy about SV (my abbreviation for sexual violence) and work all around the world to bring justice in many areas, not just SV.  I especially love this organization after having gone with them as […]

What is Probably the Most Asked Question

The question I am referring to is one that I have a love/hate relationship with.   As I have written about earlier, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Peru with International Justice Mission.  We were a team to bring change to the community, address medical issues, and as I understand it, I was the […]

What is of True Value?

I have mentioned previously that I had the great joy of going go to Peru in 2003 with International Justice Mission.  If you are unfamiliar with this organization, I encourage you to go their website and check them out.  Great organization.  We had a team of, I believe, two nurses, a lawyer, a therapist […]