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Oprah’s Historical Landmark Event

In his book The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer quotes a Chinese sage Lao-tze, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”  200 men; husbands, brothers, and sons all were featured on the Oprah show November 4,2010.  Bless her heart, Oprah has had the most courage of anyone I have seen to […]


It has really taken a lot longer than I expected, but I assure you all the website changes are on their way. I did not like the pictures from the previous photographer, so I am having them redone this week. The Home and About changes have been sent to the people who make the site […]

My Kitchen

Why my kitchen? Some of you out there can probably relate to this story.  Our kitchen has been under remodel for over a year.  It all started with just a counter-top replacement.  Well, the job was so badly done, we have had to go through all kinds of hoops to get it replaced, and then […]

The Four R’s

Soon you will be seeing some stories of survivors come up on this blog.  You will also soon be seeing some positive changes to the website.  I am looking forward to these things. Intermittently among these stories I will be writing about the four R’s of recovery for all survivors, no matter what the age.  […]


This morning I am so very very grateful. I struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; one therapist I had told me that the only common denominator in the research on this disorder is some sort of trauma.  Well, I am a rape survivor, as well as a survivor of emotional/verbal abuse as a child. I have […]