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An Amazing Story

Happy Tuesday to you all!  If you do not know about International Justice Mission, now is the time.  They are very savvy about SV (my abbreviation for sexual violence) and work all around the world to bring justice in many areas, not just SV.  I especially love this organization after having gone with them as […]

Notice the Difference Language Makes

The following if from The Message translation of the Bible.  It is Deuteronomy 27:20-23. I read this passage this passage this morning and was really surprised and saddened by the use of the word sex.  I will quote again the same passage from The King James Version. Then I will do a bit of translating […]

‘I felt like I was the one on trial’

I just want you all to know that I am getting fabulous help for the website.  So, the story and article (Girl molested by uncle dreads seeing estranged family members in court by Mark Gomez, Mercury News, 8/21/10) I am going to blog about today is linked both here and on our Articles web […]

Let’s add Dr. Phil To The List!

Well, last night  April 14, 2010Dr. Phil also did a segment on sexual violence in the last part of his show.  The overarching topic of his show was domestic violence and the cultural disgrace of its Code of Silence.  Under that umbrella, he added the topic of incest.  He says he is going to do […]