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A Very Brave Man

There is a man, a very brave man, and I will call him Ted.  He has a fine wife and five very fine children.  He is a wholehearted Christ follower, and he is a broken man with weaknesses.  He is also mature enough to face his brokenness and seek help. That is what makes him […]

Picking Up The Threads of Reorganization Stage Again

Last time in posting about what I call the Reorganization Stage of healing from SV I left off with some professional therapy options.  There are others that I will just name.  Anyone interested can search online for more information.  Also, once again I would caution all seekers of therapy to remember that you are the […]

Immanuel Healing

God with us.  Immanuel.  This healing approach to all kinds of current pain in our lives is very effective.  It has been developed over several years through Shepherd’s House, Inc.  The primary developers are E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey.  Dr. Wilder is a psychologist as well as an ordained minister.  He is the […]