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#metoo, And You also

In the quiet of the morning today, sitting in front of a fire with my morning coffee, I reveled in the amazing wondrous sound of rolling thunder, especially rare in the month of May.  I love thunder.  Where I live such sounds are an extraordinary phenomena. Most of you know I was raped at gunpoint […]

One Outrage Is Spurring Hope

One Outrage Is Spurring Hope

After I was raped I lived in PTSD for months with the rapist as my backyard neighbor.  He was out on $250,000 bail in 1982, a huge sum then.  It took months for a conviction and sentencing; not for my case, but the one he was out on bail for.  I went to his sentencing.  […]

The Second Aftershock…

The Second Aftershock…

I jumped out of a plane two weeks ago.  I did it with no fear.  The most amazing thing was how peaceful and beautiful it was.  Working through these stages increases peace and enjoyment.  They are essential. I entered this second part of Ravaged (Anger and depression) with a vengeance.  I remained stuck in this […]

The First Aftershock…

The First  Aftershock…

I often wondered immediately after my own rape, Did this really happen?  I feel fine.  This can’t be happening to me! Everything and everyone seemed surreal for awhile.  I could not be left alone for the first two weeks after the rape.  In fact, I do not recall anything about my children-talking to them or […]

Warning: Two Common Hope Mistakes

Hello all, What a week!  Our flooring is being installed for a third time in one year and five months.  The hope to find in this complicated story is that it is almost done!  Yay! What I see as a ‘hidden hope’ many do not realize can be found in a story in last Sunday’s […]


I am sure survivors around the world are cheering at the justice Penn State is facing.  Justice is a rare commodity for us survivors.  The following is the latest: “July 24, 2012 12:45 PM News Summary: Moody’s may downgrade Penn State THE REVIEW: Moody’s Investors Service said Tuesday it is reviewing its rating on Penn […]

Immanuel Healing

God with us.  Immanuel.  This healing approach to all kinds of current pain in our lives is very effective.  It has been developed over several years through Shepherd’s House, Inc.  The primary developers are E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey.  Dr. Wilder is a psychologist as well as an ordained minister.  He is the […]