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Get The 19 Brain Skills That Will Change Your Life

Get The 19 Brain Skills That Will Change Your Life

It was all so sudden. He had the barrel of a gun pressed into the side of my head. He made me lie face down on the floor of our master bedroom. He demanded to know when others in the household were due to be back. Frantically I raced in my mind to think of […]

#metoo, And You also

In the quiet of the morning today, sitting in front of a fire with my morning coffee, I reveled in the amazing wondrous sound of rolling thunder, especially rare in the month of May.  I love thunder.  Where I live such sounds are an extraordinary phenomena. Most of you know I was raped at gunpoint […]

Is the world waking up?

Lydia Polgreen from the New York wrote an excellent article about rape in South Africa.  In it I find both encouragement and outrage at injustice. What I find so encouraging (not the story itself, but the aftermath):  In Bredasdorp South Africa Anene Booysen was able to tell police who rape her before she died of […]

Immanuel Healing

God with us.  Immanuel.  This healing approach to all kinds of current pain in our lives is very effective.  It has been developed over several years through Shepherd’s House, Inc.  The primary developers are E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey.  Dr. Wilder is a psychologist as well as an ordained minister.  He is the […]