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Rape Kits

Comment: “labs,  etc., etc.  Of course this all comes back to us  the voting public  doesn’t it?  If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful  justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates […]

Happy Belated New Year

Well, this has been a much longer break from blogging than expected.  I do hope you all had some fun celebrating our Lord’s birthday.  It can be the toughest time of year for so many survivors.  We were fortunate to celebrate some record snowfall by taking my great nephew for his first snowboarding lesson.  He […]

Amazing God Inspired First Book Discussion

Honestly, I was a nervous wreck preparing for the book discussion last Wednesday.  If you will recall, I was invited by Hadassah, an International  Jewish organization.  We met at a  movie preview of “Miss World.”  I was glad to hear the movie is nearly done.  They thought they would be done last April as did […]

Continuing on Reorganization….

Boy, am I ignorant about book production.  The update today is that it has finished being line edited and will be sent to me to go over the proposed changes and get it back to them to begin production.  I really appreciate the thoroughness of the process, but obviously I was way off in my […]