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The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

Did any of you do these as a kid?  I remember doing them and really having fun with it. Time will not heal all wounds, especially violations of the brain, heart and soul.  Sexual violations are unique because they invade sacred places within us.  It is amazing to me that people believe time alone can […]

So Special!

I just had what was probably the most special birthday party ever. I knew my friends were coming over, bringing lunch, and were going to hang out. It turned out to be much more though….. My husband decorated the patio with balloons and flowers. My friends all arrived with great food. We laughed and of […]


Just wanted to share with you all a sad story with a happy ending. Recently a good friend of mine emailed me wanting advice to tell her what to do with a problem she was facing with a friend of hers. I called her to try to understand the situation a bit better. She was […]