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The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

The Great “Time Will Heal All Wounds” Hoax

Did any of you do these as a kid?  I remember doing them and really having fun with it. Time will not heal all wounds, especially violations of the brain, heart and soul.  Sexual violations are unique because they invade sacred places within us.  It is amazing to me that people believe time alone can […]

Can We Really Change Ourselves and Our Communities?

Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey By Sherrill Nielsen, MA, MFT Rape tore apart my well-planned life and shattered my Christian family. Now, as a therapist with years of professional experience and personal process behind me, I’ve written as a survivor to a survivor, and to her family and faith community. Because survivors of sexual […]

“Dear Sherrill”

You may have noticed that we recently introduce an advice column for those of you who have questions for Sherrill.  Here is a response to one reader’s question (posted with permission). ♦ “Dear Sherrill, A couple months ago I learned that a relative was sentenced to several decades in prison for sexually abusing her son. […]

Getting Lighter

Well, I am going to stop the blogs from the appendix of my book as per two major inputs I have received today. My web-enhancer company says “get lighter.”  I emailed back and said “How do I get lighter on such a heavy topic?”  I have not heard back from them today. Then, I had […]