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How To Overcome The Enemy

The following is a true story sent to me by a long ago former client.  It is used with her consent and I have changed her name. Hi, my name is ‘Suzie’, and I am a grateful child of God. When I was eight, my grandma died, and I no longer had any kind, loving […]

Do You Have The Courage? From agony to relief….

Do You Have The Courage?  From agony to relief….

I hope you all looked at the chart in the last post.  It is easy to look at and can bring so much understanding.  The following is a review of where I last left off with the process of brain Reorganization that picks up the pace after the initial Ravaged stages starts to ease.  This […]

Picking Up The Threads of Reorganization Stage Again

Last time in posting about what I call the Reorganization Stage of healing from SV I left off with some professional therapy options.  There are others that I will just name.  Anyone interested can search online for more information.  Also, once again I would caution all seekers of therapy to remember that you are the […]

Susan’s Story

Here is one woman’s brave story of  Stranger/Alcohol Rape…it was not easy for her to write it out.  She has stayed on her Unintended Journey and her story goes well beyond what she wrote here.  I hope someday she can continue it. When I was 19 years old I went to a party with a […]

A New Dawn

 Dawn was a buck sergeant from the U.S. who used to work the at Howard Air Force Base.  This base is in Panama.  She loved it there.  She did lots of fun things like horseback riding on the beaches and trips into the jungle.  She was friendly, fun, and content with her life. Within the span […]