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Susan’s Story

Here is one woman’s brave story of  Stranger/Alcohol Rape…it was not easy for her to write it out.  She has stayed on her Unintended Journey and her story goes well beyond what she wrote here.  I hope someday she can continue it. When I was 19 years old I went to a party with a […]

Chip Ingram on Anger

Well, having  just a couple of days ago posted a blog about anger, I was amazed and delighted to catch a message by Chip Ingram the next day on anger.  He has written a book about destructive emotions.  At you can find his series on this subject.  He is a very good teacher; really […]

Our Culture of Silence Promotes the ‘Cancer’

I am likely to do many blogs on this topic.  I have a lot to say about this issue.  The word cancer strikes so much fear in our world, a diagnosis of which usually entails serious medical intervention, suffering, and maybe death.  Breast cancer seems to be on the news regularly, as well as movements to raise […]