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A Second Compelling Invitation To Faith Leadership

A Second Compelling Invitation To Faith Leadership

Wow! I just returned from England.  While jet lag is still hanging around, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go with Road’s Scholar and learn about the Lake District; Beatrix Potter and the poet Wordsworth land, as I call it. Then, to Northumberland to stand and touch Hadrian’s wall.  I was […]

Nine Ways Our Faith Communities Can Help

Just a reminder April is Sexual Violence Awareness month.  More on this next month! Hope: A life raft…. Scholarly author Marie Marshall Fortune in her book Sexual Violence The Unmentionable Sin: An Ethical and Pastoral Perspective writes about a pastor who announced to his congregation that he would be attending a conference on sexual abuse.  […]

Hope and The Shocking Truth About Demonic Rape

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free….John 8:32.   The theme for this year is HOPE!  The following question was sent to me a few days ago.  She wanted me to include her name because she is far enough along on her Unintended Journey to be free of any […]

How Safe Is Your Child’s Teacher? “Kristen’s Secret”…48 Hours

How Safe Is Your Child’s Teacher?  “Kristen’s Secret”…48 Hours

  I love being outside; hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, and walking with friends.  I want to parachute.  I want to backpack.  I don’t like Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff.  My intuitive therapist brain just doesn’t connect with all that, or even have a clue how computers work.  The younger generations have grown […]

Rape Kits

Comment: “labs,  etc., etc.  Of course this all comes back to us  the voting public  doesn’t it?  If we cared enough, as a society, about providing a dignified form of meaningful  justice for rape victims then they would have it, because we have the power to vote out anyone at any governmental level who demonstrates […]

Kristen Lewis Cunnane

Have you heard about her?   her name is Kristen Lewis Cunnane.  She has started dreaming again. Her story is that a trusted teacher and sports coach started raping her.  The teacher/coach is female, Julie Correa.  The raping lasted for four years, all through high school. Kristen is 30 now.  In 2010 she pressed charges. […]

Catching Up

Hello all, we just returned from a nice trip visiting some of our country’s (USA) national parks, landmarks, and even getting to stay in a national historic hotel.  We went through the Oregon caves.  So fascinating.  We wanted to do the 3 hour off trail caving experience but were too early in the year. Back […]

OK! It is Both Here and it is Coming!

Yes, a pre-release copy of my book is here and will be made available to you for free through the month of April.  Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey  is both here now and coming. You may receive a free, electronic draft by emailing me through the website at  It is currently available to […]


Kudos to “The Kansas City Star.”  On their front page, and it takes up nearly the whole front page, is “The Alter Boys’ Secret.”  It was even the Sunday paper, December 4, 2011. “Four young lives, innocence lost.  One priest, later sent for treatment.  Decades of silence and secrets.  And finally, revelations as a 30-year […]

Continuing With “Rape is Rape”

This article “Rape is Rape” is so rich.  Stephanie Hallett  unpacks succinctly so much of what is left out of these traditional definitions.  I will just list what she includes: non-consenual sodomy non-consenual oral rape. object rape such as fingers, fists, and objects. all male survivors. people with physical or mental disabilities, unconscious, or under […]