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More on brain Reorganization

Wow, there is so much in the news these days exposing beyond sadness and devastation   story after story of sexual violence (SV), both past and present.  Are we becoming desensitized to them? The “Kansas City Star” did a brave story recently telling the story of one courageous survivor.  I will let you know later about […]

Senator Scott Brown

Senator Scott Brown. I hope many of you watched his interview on 60 Minutes Sunday night.  He has written a book that is apparently autobiographical.  I intend to get it and read it right away.  He was very candid about his growing up.  He suffered psychological, physical, and sexual violence.  His integrity as a Senator seems […]

More on The First Stage of Recovery, Ravaged

It has been awhile since doing this.  I see I left off on Sept. 28.  We spent a good part of the month of Oct. on vacation, so now it back to work! I left off with the following statement:  I’ve found that staying in the status-quo of the walking wounded is much more common […]