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Christopher Miller And What About Our Children?

This post is written my husband, Dr. Robert Nielsen.  He also contributed a chapter to the book. This morning I read an article dated July 28th in the San Jose Mercury News about Christopher Miller, a convicted pedophile who gamed the system repeatedly going in and out of the prison system for short spurts,  until […]

Date Rape

Well, after a few stories, including  Cory’s story under the blog about getting ‘lighter” I am going to put out a little more information.  If you have read the blogs, I last did Child Pornography.  These types are listed in my book in alphabetical order.  So, the next is Date Rape. Statistics:  Research on date […]

Excuse Me?

Continuing on Child Pornography in the appendix of my book Redeem the Silence; an Unintended Journey…… How can any child be a prostitute?  They may get prostituted, but they are not prostitutes. Andrew Vachss also writes, “The word ‘prostitue’ itself implies a judgement of character.  Don’t we call people who sell out their moral convictions […]

Child Pornography….the Second Type of Rape

Continuing from the appendix in my book Redeem The Silence; an Unintended Journey, the second type of rape I have identified is child pornography. Statistics: Child advocacy groups estimate that 2 million children worldwide are working the sex trade .” (If you refer back to a previous blog post I write about the confusion our […]