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Two Spotlights on Spotlight

Two Spotlights on Spotlight

The film that wins Best Picture might not have been everyone’s first choice, but it will have had the most fans across the Academy.  The vote of the overall Academy chooses best picture. I have contemplated the significance of the movie Spotlight winning the Oscar for Best Picture.  I am delighted it did.  I believe […]

An Editorial

The following is an editorial from the newspaper.  It is about church investigations that are forcing change.  It struck me because it is written by a Catholic and there are two statements makes that I find encouraging. ‘”Edward Donati’s assertion (Letters Feb.22) that certain Catholic Church tenets and doctrines “…will not change …” is debatable.”‘ […]

Courage House

Courage House is an organization that is really quite remarkable.  They are rescuing children out of being prostituted for their basic needs, such as food, a bed, shelter, etc.  We give to them so I get emails and I liked this one because of what they are discovering.  Meeting physical needs and providing safety and […]

Pope aplogizes to victims

The Pope was recently in London to apologize to five people who were molested by priests as children. The article “Pope Benedict meets in London with 5 victims of priest abuse” by Nicole Winfield and Victor Simpson (AP) 9/19/10, says it is his latest effort to defuse the sex abuse crisis shaking his church. It says […]

Great Article!

Copied here by permission: THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPIRIT WHILE MIRED IN THE TOXIC WASTES OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL SWAMP  Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C.  ANNUAL SNAP GATHERING  Chicago, Illinois  July 13, 2008 Preface           Sexual abuse of children and minors by trusted clergy results in a unique type of trauma.  The vast majority of victims […]