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What A Rubik’s Cube Can Teach You About Your Brain

Ever tried to complete what is to me the mystifying Rubik’s Cube?  I keep reorganizing it and reorganizing it until I finally give up.  I watched a very special 10 year old try a small one recently.  She is very smart, and eventually she gave up too! Our Brains are the most amazing creations! I […]

One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

One Surprising Bill Cosby Legacy

Great joy for all of you who had the great blessing of sharing the holidays with friends and family.  I had some fun time with both and I count it all joy! The new year brings in some encouraging news for survivors and their families. The opinion page of the Sacramento Bee says Bill Cosby’s […]

Do You Have The Courage? From agony to relief….

Do You Have The Courage?  From agony to relief….

I hope you all looked at the chart in the last post.  It is easy to look at and can bring so much understanding.  The following is a review of where I last left off with the process of brain Reorganization that picks up the pace after the initial Ravaged stages starts to ease.  This […]

Picking up the Pieces of The Brain Reorganization Stage

Well….I last wrote on brain Reorganization the the end of October of last year…I am gradually, or so slowly, getting better from the Jan.7 oral surgery.  They drilled a medium size hole in my jaw to reach a nerve that we believe has been causing what I call teeth pain for 11+ years.   A hole […]