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Catching Up

Hello all, we just returned from a nice trip visiting some of our country’s (USA) national parks, landmarks, and even getting to stay in a national historic hotel.  We went through the Oregon caves.  So fascinating.  We wanted to do the 3 hour off trail caving experience but were too early in the year. Back […]

Emotional Cancer

OK, well I am so glad to be able to get back to this topic.  For months now, details, details, details, with the book have kept me fully occupied.  Hopefully by October it will be available in e-book form and hard copy through the website.  Emotional Cancer:  I mentioned earlier about the interior damage that […]

Senator Scott Brown

Senator Scott Brown. I hope many of you watched his interview on 60 Minutes Sunday night.  He has written a book that is apparently autobiographical.  I intend to get it and read it right away.  He was very candid about his growing up.  He suffered psychological, physical, and sexual violence.  His integrity as a Senator seems […]

Expressions of Shock; a Subtitle

Severe extremes of emotion swing from rage to silence in the shock period that follows a SV event.  Motivated by a remark that I should be be grateful because it was my husband who was having “a hard time,” I was trying not to feel what I did in fact feel.  I didn’t even cry […]

Chip Ingram on Anger

Well, having  just a couple of days ago posted a blog about anger, I was amazed and delighted to catch a message by Chip Ingram the next day on anger.  He has written a book about destructive emotions.  At you can find his series on this subject.  He is a very good teacher; really […]