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It is so surprising! I Can Hardly Believe It!

What is so surprising?  That it has been over a year since I left off writing about Reorganization, a most important stage of recovery when all that ‘going haywire’ from the SV event (and please note, even a french kiss by a father to his 12 year old daughter is incest) gets newly wired in a healing way.  I do have one good excuse though, we are about 4.5 months into a major move that I did not want to make, but apparently God wanted us to.  Still going through adjustment and grief.

So, anyway, the brain is more remarkable than we can possibly know.  The fact that it can be rewired at all is a miracle!  Some qualities that are needed by the survivor is to come out of denial, be determined to stop allowing the event(s) to control her/him and be determined to control the event(s).  Also,  perseverance, hard work, time, help; just to name a few.  Anyone who attempts this Unintended Journey is highly courageous.

So, to get started again I will share a chart of the most common symptoms survivors share.  Since we are all so uniquely made there could be others, these, again, are just the most common.  Makes it hard for others who do not understand to keep from judging, but that is their problem, not yours or mine.  If you find this chart helpful or not, I would appreciate your feedback at “Ask Sherrill”, a completely confidential feature of this website.

Sexual Abuse Survivor Symptoms
These are some of the ways the brain goes ‘haywire’ when a violation of any sort has occurred.  The Reorganization stage is the process of getting the brain ‘rewired’ so to speak.  The Unintended Journey (one a survivor much choose for his/herself) gradually reduces such symptoms.  The further one progresses on this journey, the less and less the symptoms are until they can be completely healed.  This process is the whole reason I have identified these stages and am so desiring to give hope to survivors.  On this Unintended Journey one can discover the mystery of God’s peace (a taste 0f heaven on earth and the state we are meant to live in) if one really wants to and is willing to do the work.

Neither you nor I can make someone choose this journey, but if we are friends, family, and/or community we too have an Unintended Journey of our own to go through only if we choose.

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