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Survey of Emotions and Experiences

This survey is adapted from the work done by Fred Littauer and his wife Florence Littauer.  It is from Fred’s book The Promise Of Restoration.

Click here to download the survey in PDF form.


I made many attempts to get permission to use the material.  I know Fred is dead, and apparently Florence is also.  The upshot of my inquiries for permission to use this material identified it as an ‘orphan’ in terms of acquiring author permission.  The problem of orphan material has never been resolved in the courts.  There are no laws regarding their use, and they are used regularly.   The publisher is out of business. I found one online source that sells such orphaned books.

In this case, I give full credit to the Littaurers and have also adapted and updated their survey.  I have added some symptoms.  I have changed some words that would have been more familiar to audiences in the 80’s and early 90’s.  The replaced words have the same meaning.  So while the format is similar to theirs, I have also changed and added to it.

Analyzing Your Results

The explanation and understanding of your survey results is directly from Fred’s book:

“Everything listed on the survey, except one, is a possible symptom of childhood sexual interference.  ‘Sexually abused or molested as a child’ is not a symptom’ it is a known fact.  If you checked that item, you already know that there was, in fact, some form of interference in your childhood…

Look back at your survey.  How many one-dot symptoms did you check? Remember that one-dot symptoms are clear symptoms.  We believe that the presence of only one of these is a clear indication of some inappropriate sexual activity in your childhood, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of it.”

At this point Fred asks you to refer to the previous chapter where one-dot symptoms are explained.

“The more one-dot symptoms you check further confirms what you may be discovering about yourself. The symptoms checked that have two-dots…are ‘strong’ symptoms.  One of them alone on your list is not enough to indicate childhood interference because its presence can sometimes be traced to other sources.  However, a significant number of two-dot symptoms, even without any of the one-dot symptoms, arecause enough for you to continue your search for truth and for cleansing and healing of the troubling emotions you may be facing.

The symptoms with no dots are considered to be only ‘possible’ symptoms.  They may, in conjunction with the other symptoms, give a valid picture of experiences and emotions you may never have thought about.” (The Promise of Restoration, Fred Littauer, Here’s Life Publishers, copyright 1990; pages 123-124)

His book is rich with their research statistics and the conditions under which they did the research.  He also does a good job of fleshing out the emotions of anger, denial, and asks an important question of whether or not you felt loved as a child.  I encourage you to get the book.  It was copyrighted in 1990 and can be found for sale online if you search the title.