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Streams of Living Water

Having a website/ministry like this is a stream of living water to bring healing and justice to the world.  I love the quote from the book Streams of Living Water by Richard J. Foster when describing what he calls the stream of the social justice tradition.  “It is a life that engages in outward conflict with all social, economic, and civil injustices of society, judging down wickedness and building up the good the true, and the beautiful.”  A truer statement has never been made when it comes to addressing, exposing, and offering help to survivors of SV.  The resistance often found in our faith communities both angers and deeply saddens me.  The cost in broken lives is beyond imagining.

This September I am starting a 12 week group for survivors of sexual violence.  I have done these groups for years.  It will be held in the California Bay Area.  I have a former client (she is definitely in the Redeemed stage of recovery) who has felt led by God to begin a similar group at her church.  I have sent her guidelines on how to conduct such a group and have enjoyed interacting with her on group details and questions.  The amazing blessing to me is that she attends a church that is embracing the whole topic of sexual perversions.  I am utterly amazed, delighted, and blessed that this is happening.  Such movements are my prayer, dream and passion.  You can find her story on a blog she posted on March 18, 2010; Cory.

I tell you all this, because I want it to be known that I will travel anywhere in the world to consult with faith communities that would be interested in similar ministries.  There is no reason to be afraid of an overwhelming response.  I can help with a plan for that.  I have written about this problem in my book.  I will come for expenses only.  Also, should anyone be interested, you can email all the questions you like through the ‘Ask Sherrill’ on the website.

Some of my credentials are on the About page of the website.

We have a serious responsibility before our God to take action in our faith communities.  Ignorance is not an excuse.

I will get back to the Ms.Magazine article next time.

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