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“Sold Into the Sex Trade”

A San Jose Mercury News article June 7, 2009 is about what should be called Rape Trade, not Sex Trade.  The girls in Vietnam who are being recruited to ‘work in a cafe’ are really being recruited to be used as rape slaves.  The terminology we so easily use is not accurate and reflects our own unconscious immersion in our culture.  Lets not confuse sex with rape.  The two are far, far different from one another.  Just because the gentitals are the weapons, does not make it sex.

Such language confusion promotes the Code of Silence and the primarily unconscious sexual violenc culture we are immersed in.

Sherrill Anderson Nielsen, LMFT


  1. Linda Gordon says

    I’m glad you rename the words used which reflect the nature of what is really happening. I hope others will follow suit and do the same, that this practice will stop, and the young women will find freedom.

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