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So Special!

I just had what was probably the most special birthday party ever. I knew my friends were coming over, bringing lunch, and were going to hang out. It turned out to be much more though…..

My husband decorated the patio with balloons and flowers. My friends all arrived with great food.

We laughed and of course never stopped talking. Several of these women are therapists also. One friend is trained in psychology though she is an instructor not a therapist.  Another is a judge, and another a special needs teacher who knows a lot about brain development. So, here we all were chatting away endlessly about subjects that really interest us. We also can joke about a lot of things that others might not understand, because we are all so weird.

Then, the gift giving began. I tell you, this was God at work. One of my therapist buddies is the world’s best gift giver. I mean it. Over and over she has proven her uncanny ability to know her friends, remember things she hears them say, be observant, and get the most thoughtful, thoughtful things!

So, the gifts were given in order.  First, was a braclet made of silver balls with a shell charm on it.  The shell is engraved with my birthdate.  The shell is significant becasue this friend loves shells and the beach.  It represents her.  Then, I opened the remaining charms.  I could not help but getting weepy.  Each one is so so special and is representative of what each person either likes about me, what we like to do together, what I like, etc.  So, there is a Bible because my judge friend admires me for how I hunger for more of God.  There is my birthstone.  There are two charms representing champagne.  I am not a drinker, but I do love champagne for special occasions.  One of those two charms had an extra special feature in that it was from a jewelers with a big 70% off tag on the outside, representing how much I love a great bargain.  Oh, and another one is a graduation cap and tassels, representing how she and I had met; in graduate school many many years ago.  Then there is a shopping bag with a high-heel shoe attached.  Though I am really not much of a shopper, one of the things the two of us really have fun doing together is shopping together.  Oh yes, and then there is the round ‘locket’ with a picture of this friend inside of it.  They had all been connecting with each other, letting each other know what they were getting, so that none would be duplicated. 

Is this a memory making, weepy, thoughtful, amazing, happy, heart-felt birthday time and gift?  The real catch to it all was that all my adult life I have wanted a charm bracelet.  Guess whose idea a charm bracelet was?  Yep, that one friend with the uncanny gift-giving gift.  A God thing, as far as I am concerned; all of it, foremost and especially the friends.  They are the best gift of all. 

I just got an email from another friend who was unable to be there letting me know that another charm is coming.  Yipee!!


  1. Keeping the charm bracelet a secret was not easy. It was so cute to see it dawn on you why your friends from far away had “forgotten” your birthday, as R**** gave you each of their presents. It was so sweet to see you react to each little charm and tell us it’s meaning. You are a very special friend.

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