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Make a choice for Intentional Recovery

Intentional Recovery is a choice. If you have not made this choice as a survivor, then your brain has been left on its own to rewire itself. So, it has helped you with familiar coping strategies. These are probably causing you unnecessary pain and life problems. Well, the brain can be rewired with help.

So, I encourage you to choose Intentional Recovery, discovering your own individual journey, by starting somewhere. Here are some possible steps to try:

  1. Read a book about what happened to you. They do not have to be Christian books. Your local library can be a source.
  2. Tell someone your story in as much detail as you can. This person needs to be safe, supportive, and willing to just listen.
  3. Write out what happened to you. You can burn if you do not want anyone to find it.
  4. Tell it into a tape recorder. You can erase this if you want to.
  5. Notice what you feel when you any of these. Write about that. If you cry, let the tears come as often as they need to.
  6. Join a local YWCA group.
  7. Use the internet. Many states have recovery websites with local resources listed.
  8. Go to a therapist, preferably one well trained in EMDR ( for one in your area)
  9. Search for non-profit agencies who have intern therapists, for lower cost counseling options.
  10. Try a lay counselor at your church trained in Theophostic Counseling.
  11. If you don’t connect with your counselor, try another one. Don’t give up.
  12. If you have never told anyone, are you living under the Code of Silence? Choose to break it.