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Note: I am not giving these a personal recommendation as in these are the best or anything.  There is no best.  There is no perfect 10 step plan to help you.  In my book I write about the need to just start someplace.  Just get on an intentional recovery journey.  These are some possible places to start.

Online Resources: (YWCA)
many states have their own coalitions/recovery centers/e.g. to find an EMDR therapist in your area

Many other online help resources survivors may find fit their God-designed uniqueness for healing help.  If you don’t like one let it go, and try another.  There is one there for you.

Book Resources:

Books that may help you in recovery( please remember that one that seems bad to you, over spiritualized to another, is most likely to help someone, somewhere, so instead of getting discouraged or critical, just leave it and try another.

  1. Rape Recovery Handbook by Aphrodite Matsakis
  2. On the Threshold of Hope by Daine Mandt Langbery
  3. A Door of Hope by Jan Frank (incest)
  4. No Place to Cry by Dorie Van Store
  5. Through the Fire: Spiritual Restoration for adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Rick Meyer
  6. The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dan Allender
  7. Resurrection after Rape:  A Guide to Transforming From Victim to Survivor by Matt Atkinson
  8. Beyond Our Control: Restructuring Your life After Sexual Assault by Leila Sommerfield
  9. The Sorrow of Sexual Assault and The Joy of Healing by Kay Zibolsky
  10. Sexual Assault: Will I Ever Be Okay Again? by Kay Scott
  11. The Promise of Restoration by Fred Littauer
  12. The Truth About Rape by Teresa M. Lauer