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The Super Bowl of Sex Trafficking” A surge in human trafficking tends to accompany major sports and entertainment events. Michelle Goldberg, Newsweek, 1/30/11

Pope Benedict meets in London with 5 victims of priest abuse” Sherrill comments about this article on her 9/21/10 blog. Nicole Winfield and Victor Simpson, The Associated Press, 9/19/10

USA Swimming Approves New Protection Measures” Responding to a sexual abuse scandal, USA Swimming expanded background checks, approved new athlete protection measures and made it mandatory for members to report any credible allegations. USA Today, 9/18/10

Girl Molested by Uncle Dreads Seeing Estranged Family Members in Court” Mark Gomez, Mercury News, 8/21/10 “A Stain On Our Nation” Groups call on the Justice Department to enforce new standards to fight prison rape. One victim’s story of justice. Emily Belz, World Magazine, 8/18/10

Pope Takes Control of Religious Order” Pope Benedict XVI took control of the group that had been found to have molested seminary students. This case will be closely watched as the church continues to grapple with its sexual abuse crisis. Rachel Donadio, New York Times, 5/1/10

Is Rape Serious?” The backlog and desultory handling of rape kits is a nationwide problem. Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, 4/29/09

Dispatches from the Front Lines” An excellent website of articles and essays on sexual violence by Andrew Vachss, an attorney with 30 years experience in child protective work.