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A resource page dedicated to Survivors of rape and sexual violence and their families. In the suggested resources you may think some are great and others are terrible!! This is fine and normal. Please take what you like and what speaks to you where you are, and leave the rest.

        My new book: Redeem The Silence; An Unintended Journey


Practical Helps

For Survivors

For Faith Community Leaders

For Friends & Family of Survivors

Redeem The Silence:  An Unintended Journey

Make A Choice For Intentional Recovery
Some help, e.g. YWCA rape crisis centers, EMDR therapist, etc.

Other links

The Gathering

International Justice Mission

Brave Miss World

HearMe Int.

Recovery Curves.

Survey of Emotions and Experiences

Sign & Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Immanuel Journaling

Immanuel Healing (coming soon)